A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Submission For The 4th Gameshell Game Jam


There are currently six power ups: 

  • Heal
  • Diagonal movement
  • Airstrike(bomb)
  • Skip a turn(your opponent)
  • Lightning 
  • Energy

Airstrike and Lightning are used to attack; 

Energy is used to recharge your robot(each player starts off with enough energy for 15 turns each);

Heal increases your health to full;

Diagonal movement gives you the ability to move diagonally(once) in the next turn


  • Arrows to move, X to select and B to toggle between power up menu and  movement
  • Your robot will be disabled if health(hearts) or energy(circles) drops below zero
  • Each circle/ball in your energy bar represent 3 turns
  • Special blocks can only be stepped on once
  • You can also disable the other player's robot by walking into it

How to win:

  • Reach your opponent's flag

You can add your own powerup in the source code:

Source code can be found by changing .love to .zip then unzip

In src/powerup.lua, do

  1. Draw a pixel art icon for your powerup(16 x 16 px)
  2. Load the power up image into love2d in the "powerup_imgs" table
  3. Write a function for your power up in the "use_powerup" table so the games knows what do when the power up is being used. Refer to the current power up functions for reference. Note, the self argument refers to the player instance.
  4. Thats it :D


Install instructions

.love files can only be opened by love.app(official love2d app, not included in downloads) GOTO  https://love2d.org/

Gameshell: Download Robo.love and transfer it to the Love2D  folder

Mac: Download Robo.app and click to play

Other Desktop: Download Robo-desktop.love and open with love.app


Robo.app.zip 18 MB
Robo-desktop.love 8 MB
Robo.love 8 MB
Robo-desktop-hotfix.love 8 MB
Robo-hotfix.app.zip 18 MB
Robo-hotfix.love 8 MB


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Please download -hotfix game files for better explosion effect.




Looks very nice! I am downloading it to try on my gameshell.

I just tried. It seems the resolution is too high for gameshell. Can you scale it to 320x240?

Just realized I should copy robo.love instead of robo-desktop.love. Now the game fits gameshell perfectly! Sorry for spamming your page...