A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

This is a rebuild of Multi User Dungeon for two players .  It can be played on either Mac OS or Linux. I made it for Enter the (Multi-User) Dungeon Game Jam, because the theme is one room, so there are only one room in the game. The game is written in Python therefore you need python installed to play(Should be preinstalled on all OS) The code is messy(I am  a student) so try not to look at it too much(I spell enemy to enemie).

TO PLAY AGAINST YOURSELF,  just open a terminal windows and type python3 pathtofile.py then type nothing for the IP address and type yes for hosting. Open another terminal window and type python3 pathtofile.py, then press enter twice. You should now be able to play on one device(I tried this on my Mac).

TO TEST THE GAME IN SINGLE PLAYER comment receiver() and sender() in the while loop at the bottom. (still type yes for hosting).

The goal of the game is to kill all the monsters in all five levels and  who ever gets the highest point wins, & gives you score, U gives you health, B and O are monsters.

!!!!!!!!NOTE!!!!!!!! (I am sorry but there are MANY Bugs and problems, I will fix them in the future :( )

Bugs and things I haven't got time to do:  

1. When player one is versing an enemy, don't go there otherwise the you will have to verse the enemy as well.

2. Don't walk toooooo fast otherwise you will find yourself in a very bad situation

3. The way I programmed it is probably not too efficient so the game is a bit slow and lags a bit.

Have Fun.

Install instructions

Run python3 #pathtofile.py

Type the other player's IP address

Only type "yes" if you are hosting the game(You have to type the word "yes")

(Can't play with capital lock on)

w,a,s,d to move around, left and right arrow to choose command and space to run command.


MUD.py 24 kB

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