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From other people’s comment, I could guess this game is very good. But I could get how it works and what to do. The graphics and music are very polished. Just hope that the instructions are more clear.

To load it on the gameshell you need to copy .p8 file into pico8's cart folder.

Sorry, I don’t mean that I couldn’t getting running. What I meant is that I couldn’t understand the aim of the game...

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OHH.. the aim of the game is to free the computer from the virus.

Story: You have entered the virtual world. Your mission is to terminate the virus, then leave the virtual world.

First of all, you need to kill enemies to collect bugs(coin-like items), then you can create antiviruses and keys in inventory. Altogether you need five keys to activate five different thing like this, (activate by pressing down arrow). 

Afterwards, the golden portal will be unlocked and you can use it to travel to a secret part of the map, where you can enter the BIG portal to finish the game.

Inventory navigations: up and down arrows to select, right arrow to create. 


It took a while to understand what was happening, but once I got it I had a blast! I was so hooked I beat the game in one session.


This was really well put together and a lot of fun, I couldn't figure out what to do once I'd got five keys though...

Find and enter the golden portal!

I thought I had found the golden portal...

The portal only works after you have used all 5 keys. 


Nice one! I enjoy this game very much.

inventory doesn't close.

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Hold down the buttons instead of just pressing them. X + UP

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just tried it again, it closes only once out of ten times (and even then it immediately opens back up again)

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I have changed opening and closing the inventory from the pause menu.